Dental Whitening

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Dental Whitening

Changes in dental coloring can easily be spotted among the population, one of the main contributing factors being aging. Dental coloring varies from person to person and can range according to each case from: yellow, yellowish-brown, to grey and greyish-brown. Of course, these changes in coloring are directly linked to our personal lifestyle, food choices, medication, as well as unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol intake.

However, small changes in our lifestyle, together with laser dental whitening constitute the ideal solution for teeth whitening in general. This option has become more and more popular among people who choose to stop hiding their smile.

The advantages of laser whitening:

  • Laser whitening constitutes the ideal solution for anyone who desires immediate results. It only takes 20 minutes of laser whitening in order to achieve results of up to 4-6 shades.
  • An ideal technique for our busy patients as the entire procedure takes less than one hour and is being done in our clinic. This is a massive step forward as opposed to home dental whitening which takes between 9 and 14 days.
  • The results of laser dental whitening are visible even after 5 years; of course, the end result being influenced by each patient’s lifestyle.
  • Offers protection to gums, cheeks and lips.
  • No (post) sensitivity!
  • Discharges all spots caused by: smoking, genetics, tetracycline, age.
  • This type of treatment is also efficient in the case of teeth that have yellowed as a consequence of tetracycline administration.
  • The treatment is being done under the full observation of the doctor and the prevention assistant.

Whitening of devitalized teeth:

Internal whitening is done only in the case of devitalized teeth, which have undergone an endodontic treatment. Therefore, these teeth are called so because they no longer have a nerve.
Often times these devitalized teeth change color. The ultimate goal of internal whitening is to bring back the original color of teeth as much as possible.

Unlike the classic whitening treatment, which whitens teeth from the outside, internal whitening works from the inside towards the outside.

Whitening products recommended for individual use include whitening gels, various tooth pastes, whitening liquids, chewing gums, as well as others. However, out of all the options previously listed, whitening gels are perhaps the best, and therefore, most frequently used.

a. Whitening Gels:
Home Whitening Gels are applied in mouth guards, which are then placed over the teeth for a given amount of time, depending on the strength of the gel. Mouth guards are plastic shaped moulds that are adjusted on top of the dental arcades. The mouth guards are individually produced within a dental clinic using an indent made by the dental practitioner.
The time required for the gel to be applied depends on its concentration:
– Gels with a higher concentration can be applied several times for shorter periods of time (15-20 minutes twice or three times per day);
– Gels with a lower concentration can be applied for longer periods of time (for example, overnight) for a period between 5 and 14 days.
– The whitening gel is applied within the mouth guard, which is then placed on top of the dental arcade.